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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creature Feature: Binturongs.

Have another weird Asian creature, while I'm in the mood:

Pimped by a friend of mine, the binturong (Arctictis binturong) is a furry creature native to most of Asia. It's not quite a cat, but is related to the civets from the big SARS scare way back when. Most non-Asians consider it a 'bearcat,' even though it is not related to bears and only slightly related to cats. The native people do not know the meaning of this creature's original name; the language went extinct. (Languages can do that!)

The binturong's bushy tail is fully prehensile, and is almost as long as the animal itself. As with many things that have prehensile tails, the binturong is primarily a tree-dweller, spending more time in the trees than WoW addicts do on the internet. Naturally, the main threat to its survival is deforestation.

...while the main threat to the WoW addict's survival is a power outage. Who's the superior species, now?

Being non-feline carnivorids, binturongs do not meow. They chuckle when happy and wail when annoyed. Binturongs are one of the few mammals capable of embryonic diapause; that is, they can hold off having babies until the conditions are right. It's a shame that humans lack such a mechanic.

Pole has a flavor.

The binturong also smells like popcorn. Sorry, there's no way to convey that over the web!

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  1. Binturong!

    One of the models I used for my Endymion... hehe