Sunday, May 16, 2010

Woot, New Blog!

Yes, I made another one. One blog that I do not update often wasn't enough, apparently.

I HAD to make this. There is something so utterly bleak and depressing in modern society that it makes me tear up just thinking about it.

A lot of people want to get away from it all without realizing what 'it all' is. Instead of looking to the real world for answers, they plunge themselves into video games and fantasies. While there is nothing wrong with imagination, it feels as though they are not seeing the world around them in all of its splendor.

It is sadder still that many of the world's most magnificent flora and fauna are vanishing due to climate change and habitat destruction. If people knew that such beautiful things existed in dying rain forests, or even beneath their very noses, they might reconsider buying foam cups and hamburgers.

While one could laud Avatar for raising environmental awareness, it had the opposite effect on some people. Instead of wanting to save their current world, thousands of movie-goers wanted to die, get reincarnated as Na'vi, and live on Pandora. This would indeed cut down on environmental damage, but not in the way Cameron wanted...right? RIGHT?! They were so wrapped up in the fantasy world that they did not realize the magic in the real one. Given how hard Cameron worked on this project, complete with scientific names for his beasties, I can sort of see why they would be enthralled...

...if there were not equally-stunning things on good ol' Earth. Look through a flower catalog. There are some amazing plants hidden in its pages.

There are countless things in nature that look like they came straight out of myths. All you have to do is look for them. This blog is supposed to help with that. Stunning lifeforms have always existed and, hopefully, always will. Let your imagination fly...and manifest into flesh!