Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"They Actually Eat That:" Worms.

The potential entries for eating bugs will never end. Humans will eat anything, and land-bound invertebrates are actually an awesome source of protein. What better time to open another can of worms than the Wednesday before Halloween?

Thanks, China. And

Every child in America has heard about "that one kid who ate worms." Somewhere, on the playground, there was a child who ate worms. This probably cemented his future as a freak in the carnival. Most of us stuck with gummi worms and just joked about eating worms from that point on.

Like many invertebrates, however, earthworms have become fashionable as an alternative meat source in the States and Canada. Most of global warming is caused by livestock, not gasoline! If backyards are any indication, worms are easier to farm than cattle or swine, and nature treats them as whole foods already. There's no reason why humans, the one animal that eats ANYTHING, cannot do the same.

Great way to break the ice at parties! (

As per a site specializing in annelid cuisine:

"Earthworms have received considerable attention in the press recently as an excellent and potentially economical source of human food. From all accounts, they are a nutritious addition to human diets. Besides being high in protein, they are entirely edible, with no bone or gristle to throw away, and their subtle, earthy flavour lends itself well to all sorts of delightful dishes."

Come to think of it, the absence of hard parts does give worms an edge over shellfish. Slimy yet satisfying? It sure sounds like it!  The site linked above even has a few tips for acquiring and cooking one's own worm cuisine, should you feel so inclined to have a unique appetizer for your Halloween party.

Why go for the gummis this Halloween? Real worms are better for one's health!

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