Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creature Feature: Indian Giant Squirrel.

Welp, college time has rolled around again. My own courses seem to be panning out well; even computer science and Chinese should not be killer. It's one thing if you like your courses, but no academic thrill can parallel having a baby squirrel perch on your hand and munch a Dorito.

This happened.

OK, so that's one of the many mundane, but fun pleasures of college life. There are two types of squirrels at Loyola, but none come close to the awesome purple squirrel from India.

If you laughed, well, joke's on you.

Remember when I said that purple was a veeeerrrryyy rare color in mammals? It comes closest to occurring on the Indian Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica), of all creatures. Not only does it come in a bunch of sweet color patterns, but this squirrel can get over a foot long - not counting a two-foot-long tail.

Plotting your demise from the treetops.

This squirrel is native to India if it was not obvious from the name. It spends its time in forest canopies and can jump up to 6 meters from tree to tree. Scientists are currently unsure of the squirrels' thoughts on outsourcing, but Foamy should be proud that one of his relatives can annoy tech support and look good doing it.

Buddhism a la squirrels.

Like all squirrels, the Indian Giant Squirrel is an herbivore. What, did you think it ate people or something?


  1. GAH, STEROID SQUIRREL!!! Looks like Secret Squirrel is officially old-hat, ne? XD

    Also DAWWWWWWWW! Baby squirrels are love. ^^

  2. Yes. Yes they are. :D Didn't manage to get a picture with him on my hand, but dammit...

    ...now I want an Indian Giant Squirrel as a pet.