Monday, January 16, 2012

Bio-Art: Lady Gaga.

Any Monsters reading this blog should have seen this one coming a mile away. The beautiful, dirty, rich pop star has used her fame to create several pieces that combine art and biology. Everybody is (or at least was) watching her like paparazzi, but she still deserves an entry all to herself.

First and foremost, the video Born This Way revolves around the biological birthing process...and how that process is changing. What starts as a visceral ritual birth becomes a sanitized, artificial cloning process. When the birth of evil takes place, the dancing humans form a human skull. There are numerous ungulate skull -slash- uterus images present throughout the video. Towards the end, it even gets slimy...and we see Zombie Boy again. :)

Gaga was doing bio-art before Born This Way, too. Various explanations have been given for the meat dress Lady Gaga wore at the 2010 VMA's. The reason that the artist herself gave was "I am not meat." (Gaga, if you are what you wear, you are meat. Sorry.) Others think that she was just doing it for shock value. Most people are probably not aware that it has been done before. She's not THAT original.

We'd love to talk about Lady Gaga's blood and semen perfume, too. Supposedly, the artist used her own blood sample to create a similar compound for the fragrance. We don't know, nor do we want to know, where she got the semen from (that's her business, not ours). It is supposed to smell like "an expensive hooker."  The release date is supposedly Spring 2012. Although there are some mock-up bottles, that's all we've got. There's nothing more we can say on the matter without sounding insane.

We are quite sure that there are some examples that did not make this blog (her ammonite/nautilus getup was probably lost on people). Of course, there will  probably be more to come- her concert in Japan featured a giant spider, so the sky's the limit. This is barring a 2012 conspiracy theory. In that case, we're onto the real implications of your blood perfume, Illuminati!

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