Monday, October 24, 2011

Bio-Art: Giant Microbes.


Awww, how cute! It's pink! It has a cute piggy snout! It looks like Munna from Pokemon! It's...swine flu.

Yes, you, too, can get swine flu in the cutest form possible: A pink plushie with red eyes and an adorable little piggy snout. This cuteness was made possible by, a group that makes numerous bacteria, viruses, and creepy crawlies at millions of times their natural sizes...then goes the extra mile and makes them even cuter by playing with the names and/or functions of the microbes.

GIANTmicrobes was founded in 2002 by Drew Oliver. He got the idea after reading some memoirs about Richard Feynman's  fascination with the bustling microbial world.  Oliver was sure that kids would be just as fascinated by this strange world that was just a microscope viewing away, but little kids and lab tech do not make a good mix, especially when ebola is one of the specimens in question.

Name a mildly popular disease and there will be a plushie of it. GIANTmicrobes has rabies, ebola, mad cow, the Black Death, West Nile, flesh-eating bacteria, and even malaria (which I have GOT to get!). Aside from diseases, they have other unicellular things like blood cells, egg and sperm cells, copepods, and bookworms. They are all equally adorable, so no matter what your favorite disease happens to be, rest assured that it has been made too cute to handle.

Go ahead. Buy one.  They're contagious.

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