Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"They Actually Eat That:" Giraffe.

Africa is probably the most filmed place on the planet. It has lions, leopards, elephants, gorillas, and most of the other big mammals little kiddies want to see. African animals are so popular that whole movies have been made with them as stars.


Oh, and giraffes, the ridiculous-looking tree-munchers of the savannah, are the source of an extremely popular drug in Sudan. Plant-based drugs such as weed and tobacco are banned in Sudan, so as you can imagine, they are always looking for ways to get high. We aren't sure if giraffes qualify as easy, but they sure do seem to work.

A drink called umm nyolokh is made from the bone marrow and liver of giraffes. Despite the name, no eldritch beings are harmed in its creation. (It is EXTREMELY hard to find good information on this drug; most of what the internet yields are drug forums.) The inner parts of the giraffe contain DMT, a psychedelic chemical found in plants and mammals. The stuff that causes the trip of umm nyolokh is the exact same substance that South American shamans use to go on spiritual journeys. It has oooone difference: The spiritual trips from giraffe bits ALWAYS lead to the location of more giraffes.

One drink of umm nyolokh is supposedly enough to get people hooked on hunting giraffes for life. We do not know who first figured out that giraffes were a good source of psychedelic chemicals, but they hit on a gold mine. The drug tells you where to get more of itself! It does, however, mean less giraffes for nature shows.

It probably looks EXACTLY like this.

There are probably also giraffe steaks somewhere with less trippy effects...but who would want that?


  1. Interesting play on the word "High".

  2. I read that the reason giraffes have all this DAY is that it's in their diet, which is acacia leaves. You would need to take this concoction raw I suspect as FAR doesn't do so well in the digestive tract. Camels also eat a lot of acacia leaves. I wonder if their marrow and livers also would contain DMT? Camel liver eaten raw was once considered a great delicacy in places where they keep camels. I can't imagine it tasting all that nice...