Sunday, February 12, 2012

Creature Feature: Dim?!

Here in America, we will copyright and patent everything. Look at SOPA/PIPA; assuming they were legit acts and not brutal acts of the police state and NWO, even potentially having copyrighted material on a site would be enough to shut it down. There is even an insane person who attempted to patent the stick. Look it up; our culture is copyright crazy.

There was one instance, however, in which nature copied a copyrighted character. Mind, nature used a different color palette, but the point remains that the rhinoceros beetle Dim now has a real-life counterpart.

A Peruvian rhinoceros beetle, Megaceras briansaltini, sports a horn almost exactly like Dim from A Bug's Life. The resemblance is uncanny. No, the bug did not come first; it was discovered years after A Bug's Life was made. If Disney could sue nature for copyright laws, they probably would. The discovery of life copying art like this has been dubbed the "Dim effect" in the blue rhinoceros beetle's honor.

Horn aside, this bug looks like some sort of alien. That face should be on some sort of dragon-insect cross. It's Dim gone horribly, horribly wrong. He came to the dark side for the cookies and you know it!
Clearly the face of an evil mastermind.

Here's the kicker: We honestly do not know if this insect is an actual species or not. For all we know, that copyright-infringing horn was a fluke mutation. Cases like this are why it's really important to save biodiversity hotspots like rainforests, guys. The more species a place has, the better off it is ecologically. Plus, neat stuff like this happens. It's always cool when nature has the potential to drive copyrighters up the wall.

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