Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"They Actually Eat That:" Chimney Cakes.

Some "They Actually Eat That" entries are designed to gross you out. Others are made to show that, hey, we eat crap in America. Others still show that there really is no limit to what humans can eat. Now, however, I am adding a fourth category to this list: Things I have found while walking along Devon Avenue (a place apparently known for a large amount of different traditional stores). This one is not even the weirdest thing I have ever seen there, but it did make me scratch my head a little and go "Huh?"

Chimney cakes take donuts to a whole new level of awesome. They come from Transylvania - yes, really. Dracula's homeland has some awesome pastries. Chimney cakes can also be found in Poland, Sweden, Hungary, and Luxembourg. Please do not ask me to transcribe any of those languages, by the way; the cake goes by different names with similar translations in those areas.

Chimney cakes are cooked like gyros: on a rotisserie over an open flame. The dough is wrapped around a wooden spit, glazed with sugar, then cooked (usually over an open flame) for two hours. They are then sometimes coated with toppings such as cinnamon, Nutella, chocolate sprinkles, coconut, and various nuts. If you are feeling particularly sinful, Chimney Cake Island will turn them into sundaes for you. Yes, really.

Chimney cakes have a unique flavor all their own. They have a crunchy outside and a soft inside - again, sort of like a donut. The dough itself has a slightly nutty flavor that reminds me a bit of challah bread. You eat them simply by tearing off pieces. Warning: This makes them probably the most addictive type of cake around.

By the way? Chimney cakes are delicious. A shop on Devon called Chimney Cake Island sells them (as well as Mitchell's ice cream - a brand from the southern 'burbs). They are probably healthier than donuts, but don't quote me on it. Regardless, if you want a different sort of wedding cake, get a few of these. They're better than donuts and a ton of fun to eat!

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