Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"They Actually Eat That:" Mickey D's and Other "Fast Food."

Here on "They Actually Eat That," we try to wound all nations equally when it comes to gross food. It stands to reason that the fast food giant McDonald's would eventually wind up here.

Many of us already know that fast food is horrible for us. It has a lot of fat, even more sugar and is generally treated as "empty calories" by most nutritionists. Most of us grew up with fast food in America because they advertised during our Saturday morning cartoons.

A note when buying junk food: There are a number of things that the companies do not want you to know are terrible for you. Anything ending in "-ose" is a sugar; everything on a McDonald's menu has at least one ingredient that requires knowledge of Latin/Greek to properly decipher; it does not matter if the label says "0g Trans Fat," if it has "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" in the ingredients, it still has trans fat.

And you eat it every day if you live in America.

They Actually Eat That?!

The menu at McDonald's is guilty of all of the above.  Sure, you think a hamburger there is just meat, cheese, and bread, but it has a million chemicals, additives and "natural flavors."

This is what goes into chicken nuggets: A nauseatingly pink paste that is, essentially, mystery meat. Officially, it is called mechanically-separated meat (MSM). It does not consist of eyeballs and such, but the slim pickings off of the bones are pretty gross in their own right. McDonald's used this icky paste up until 2003; I do not know what they have replaced it with, but there is probably a lot less chicken in there than you think. MSM can still be found in hot dogs, salami, frozen chicken breasts, and a bunch of other meats that you probably thought were safe.

The whole food industry is a lie. There are huge companies lying and bribing in Washington to make us all fat. There is no truly safe fast food in the U.S.

And you know what's sad? Other countries buy it. The Chinese think that Ronald McDonald knows what kids should eat. Marketing companies have all sorts of clever gimmicks, such as these adorable little cheese blobs from Japanese Pizza Hut (they took the franchise and ran with it - seriously).They are trying their damnedest to get money while screwing over as many people as possible.

That means you, too.

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  1. CHIIZU-KUN!!!

    I don't care, I know it's wrong but I swear I will eat at Japan Pizza Hut someday. I want some damned taro and nori on my damn pizza.

    but I'll pass on the one surrounded by hotdogs and covered in tiny hamburgers. and I'll pass on the ketchup or whatever they put on it