Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week of the Triffids.

What would October be without at least one week of weird-looking lifeforms? Of course, we look at weird animals all the time; why not take a leaf out of the (dying) horror industry's book and have a whole week of triffids?


Triffids are a species of vicious, weird, deadly plant from Day of the Triffids and its sequel Night of the Triffids. Both stories involve weird-ass carnivorous plants that, due to Russian communist gene splicing, can walk and sting. Many people have gone blind and are therefore helpless against this botanical menace. Remember that humans are visual creatures, so the remaining few that could still see had a huge advantage against triffids.

In Soviet Russia, salad eat you.

The term has since been used to describe any weird plant. It is also still popular as a name for any monster plant, whether or not it resembles the original triffids.

Yeah, you don't see these popping up too often.

So, basically, this week features plants that will at least make you cock your head a little, if not send you screaming. None of them are named Audrey II.

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