Sunday, October 17, 2010

Creature Feature: White Snailfish and the Egret Orchid.

So there was this post on that a friend linked me to. He added "I don't know what you're going to do with this." I will grant that it does have a lot of the qualities I was talking about in my star-nosed mole entry - light coloration (if you don't use melanin, you lose it), small eyes, and an overall "weird" look.

After clicking around, I found that they were among the deepest-living fish in the world. Trust me, science, there is always something deeper. You will NEVER see how truly weird this world can get. EVER!

World's deepest living fish

VideoLife Uzerinden Izle

He was probably more referring to my monster-designing capabilities than this blog, but regardless, nature has beaten me to the punch this time:

An abyssal fish...on land?! Actually, most people think that these look more like birds than fish. That's why it is commonly called the white egret orchid instead of Habenaria radiata (which does not have much to do with ANYTHING at first glance). They can be found in Japan, China, Korea and Russia, so there is really no good reason why they have not been made into Pokemon yet. They are also fairly easy to acquire from flower companies.

Now imagine if they could glow in the dark. Oooh.

(...Yeah, even though it's short, you can tell I wanted to do the egret flowers for a while.)

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