Saturday, March 17, 2012

Styx Writes a Blog Post (or, Tortoiseshell Cats).

As you may have noticed with Kimba the white lion, there are some things that didn't quite make it into Freak Week 3.5, but are still weird enough to cover in this blog. I decided to do something a little bit different for tortoiseshell cats; seeing as people on the internet seem to like talking cats, the remainder of this post will be Styx's translated writings about her own color morph. 

Little Guardian Beast. by ~KuroKarasu on deviantART

Hi! I'm Styx and Kuro is my human. She lives in my apartment making clicky noises on a weird silver thing a lot of the time. She says there are people who like what she does on the clicky thing. So, umm, hi, people. :3 

Anyways, Kuro wanted me to tell you about myself.  I don't know much about what kind of cat I am (except that it's the kind that reigns above humans- which is all of them), but mommy says that I'm a tortoiseshell. That means I have black and orange patches with a tiny bit of white. She acts like that is a very special thing. 

Tortoiseshell is just a color pattern, not a fancy-pants breed. It's kinda like calico with less white. Like calicos, boys either don't have tortie-ness or wind up not having babies. The chance of a male tortie is one in three thousand, meaning that, even if they're sterile, those cats are worth a lot. It has something to do with my two X chromosomes making my weird colors possible; since males only have one X, no cool paintjob for them!

Apparently, we tortoiseshell cats are considered lucky in some cultures. We are often referred to as 'money cats' in the U.S. Calicos get most of the love in that regard, though. :( We torties just bring good luck or something, especially to sailors wanting fair weather. I wonder if that means more fishies? :3 I want more fishies.
Not me. Still cute.

Mommy also says I have a "tortitude." That means I'm very active, fiery, independent, vocal, and protective of my human. I hate it when she leaves the room for more than a few hours! :< And I also have to wake her up every morning. She usually takes advantage of that by giving me cuddles under the covers. I am too dignified for that and squirm out after a minute! 
It's MY apartment. Let no one tell you otherwise!

Now mommy must give me meaty foodings. See you all! :3

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