Monday, November 26, 2012

Bio-Art: The Meatrix.

A while back - like, all the way back in May - I did a huge entry on GreenFest 2012. Although there were several entries that did make it into bio-art spots, surprisingly, The Meatrix was not one of them, even though I bought buttons and everything. Fixing that mistake now!

The Meatrix is a series of short Flash movies detailing where our meat, dairy, and eggs come from. It was made by and Free Range Studios in the early 2000's, and two and a half more have been made since then. The points made in Food, Inc. are spelled out for you in nice little green bullets at the bottom of the screen. It's Food, Inc., condensed...only it's funny?!

Yes, The Meatrix is funny for a movie series sporting sickness, animal cruelty, and disturbing truths. While being informative, it's witty, cute, and has some funny moments (like a pig flying through the air in slow-mo). They also make a few references to the good ol' Matrix series, so if you're a fan, enjoy.  Just don't enjoy it while eating Mickey D's; that might cause a major guilt trip.

The site for The Meatrix takes things one step further. They have pages where you can look for stores that sell products from local farmers. They really are dedicated to slow food, organic farming, and so forth. It's probably closer than you think. All you have to do is look for and support it.

So I'm doing exactly what the film said: spreading the word. This is already pretty well-known, but after Food Inc., it's good to know that somebody's targeting the younger demographic. This is the film (series) about factory farming that you can show to almost anybody, regardless of how squeamish they tend to be. The message is still the same: we decide what we eat, and you show your support with your dollar.

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