Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry About the Hiatus.

The last few weeks have been craaaazy. Never let me take 5 classes again, guys. It drove me further off the deep end than I already was.

However, one of those classes was worth it. I did not know Bio-Art was a thing when I made the entry about a Museum of Living Art. Turns out that art intersecting with science is its own category of "Bio-Art." There is, to my knowledge, no museum just for that particular art form...which sucks. Some of it is really cool and not what one would expect at the mention of the word "Bio-Art."

Hunter Cole's "Human Dog Spine." She was the one teaching my whole course! Ain't it cool? :D

That said, this blog will be an extra hosting source for my Bio-Art pieces. Each piece will get its own entry, complete with a fully-detailed explanation (with links to previous entries if applicable). There will also be a few fictional entries made amazingly real utilizing real-life examples. The more complete this little encyclopedia of worldly magic becomes, the better. Yes, I will cover dragons; Animal Planet did (and I can pinpoint EXACTLY what is wrong with their logic, starting with dragons being sparklesnakes. There, I said it).


I will still try to do an awesome entry a day (starting today) in exactly 30 minutes. This means that they will be more concise, harder-hitting, sassier, and more awesome than ever! Some ghostwriters will be helping while I am in Rome, so don't worry about this blog for a month or so, 'kay?


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