Sunday, August 5, 2012

POWER OUTAGE: Expect Delays.

So I was about to do another freaky mushroom for you guys when the power ran out. This is unfortunately nothing unusual for my particular sh*thole of a suburb. Usually, the blackouts only last a little bit; there were a few flickers of electricity before the power died completely. 

I waited for the power to come back on. It didn't. 

It turns out over 300 people in our suburb alone do not have any form of power. This is not counting Posen, where one of my friends lives, which was totally black when we went to her house at 1 A.M. Massive blackout is massive. We won't have power until 4. P.M. (16:00) on Tuesday. That's two more full days without power, guys. 

I'm debating whether this is the worst blackout I've ever faced or not; there was one in the chilly dead of winter that was so bad I kept my reptiles and birds warm with my own body. It's definitely in the top ten, though, especially since I happened to be in one of the strips under blackout. There are some parts of town that do have power; mine just so happened to not be among them. 

The only reason I can even write this is thanks to Starbucks. Next time you're around one, please to be buying something from them in thanks. I may still get a few blog entries done, but expect delays. 

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