Monday, April 16, 2012

Bio-Art: Insect jewelry?!

Among the things one can get at ReptileFest, a few trinkets will always be related to insects and other arthropods. There was the framed cicada I showed you yesterday, but also jewelry with scorpions,  beetles, and other such things imprisoned in lucite for better viewing.

Yes, you read that right: Jewelry with real dead scorpions in it.

This is an especially stunning scorpion pendant from eBay seller china_custom_5000. People can get very creative with sticking insects into clear plastic. This one almost looks like it's trapped in amber, and that setting is just to die for.  Of course, given that the Chinese sellers of such things love advertising that they're from Tibet, I'd think twice. Still a very nice piece of jewelry. I also like the ones that glow in the dark. 

Scorpions not your thing? How about beetle bracelets, then? The seller there is where I got my own rose chafer bracelet from; now I wish I'd gotten the chafer bracelet linked above! (Glow in the dark things make Kuro very happy). A lot of their things seem like Chinese repacks (you'll notice a lot of bug jewelry sellers located in China/Hong Kong), but they're cheaper, ship from the U.S., and have tons of cool packaging. Check 'em out at if you're not into eBay. They do good work!

Now for one of my personal insectoid covet items on eBay: a glow-in-the-dark cicada computer mouse. There's also a clear one, but again, the glowy one is fine for sampling. A lot of these things come in multiple colors, so if you have an outfit that a scorpion would look great on, by all means get one that matches. Hell, my chafer bracelet has alligator pleather on it; this stuff can work.

Along with being eaten, making insects into accessories seems to be the new 'in' thing. There also used to be green rose chafer clocks, but I can't find them anymore. If you want to invest in these, the sellers in China adore wholesalers, and will gladly sell you dozens for roughly 40 bucks. Have fun!


  1. Love the scarabs. I'd plant roses just to watch the Japanese beetles. Thanks for the links.

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