Monday, April 9, 2012

Bio-Art: Time Capsule.

Monday is bio-art day. Or, if you prefer, "Kuro realizes her Mac is getting low on space, so she can't briefly download a cool movie with an awesome design behind its creature to dissect" day. Yeah, it's time for another Eduardo Kac thing. I really ought to plan these more carefully.

2012 is when the world will supposedly end. For those of you wondering how this was calculated, please ask the very clever people who figured out that the Mayan calendar ended on this day. Since then, people have been brandishing Bibles and other not-so-religious signs of the end times.

Even Weird Al's in on this one.

One of the favorite signs that the end is near is the potential of everyone getting microchipped. This could lead to brainwashing and the complete loss of free will. Religious fanatics equate it with the "mark of the beast." It's just weird to most of us. Come off it; the moment you hear the words "it automatically updates your Facebook status," you know a million people will flock to get one.

Eduardo Kac got his chip, complete with ID number and bio-compatible shell, a decade early in 1997. He claimed it was to make people think about the relationship between humans and technology. The way he specifically positioned it - at his ankle- is the same place where a slave would receive a brand. That's not even the creepiest part.

The chip was wired to, specifically, be filming inside Kac's body. That little chip broadcasted a live webcast of Kac's body on one channel and taped versions to two other channels. This was also the first time a human had ever been chipped and added to a database otherwise reserved for pets. Not even remotely disturbing, that!

On a closing note...The police state is now. That is all.

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