Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Creature Feature: Pac-Man Frogs.

Frogs are usually pretty positive creatures. Kermit's awesome, and even Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows was a fun character. Name one evil frog. The poisonous ones from South America do not count.

Albino shown. It just LOOKED more like Pac-Man.

The Argentine Horned Frog (Ceratophrys ornata) is not particularly poisonous, but still sinister. It is called a Pacman frog for a reason. The big mouth, the round body, the yellow coloration as an albino...why is it not devouring jellyfish, again?

Pacman frogs are, for frogs, voracious. They can be fed on any number of store-bought insects and fish, which is more or less what one would expect a frog to eat. After mating, however, the mates will sometimes attempt to eat each other, making Mrs. Pac-Man a whole lot more disturbing. Large females can even swallow rats. These things are so hungry that they will even try to eat things bigger than their heads, resulting in death by gluttony.

Argentine Horned Frogs are readily available in the exotic pet industry. They can be kept in a ten-gallon aquarium all their lives. For the frogs' own safety, do not house multiple specimens in the same tank. We have no word on what happens to jellyfish if one of these guys eats a larger-than-normal pellet.

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