Saturday, May 18, 2013

GreenFest 2013 Coverage.

And now for what you all really wanted to see: The stuff all set up!

Pop tab fashion. Now I'm really glad I save every pop tab I get. I got a bracelet from these people, simply because the idea is awesome.

This is a blanket for the homeless made out of plastic bags. That is what I call creative. 

Bumper stickers! So many bumper stickers! This isn't my favorite; the other two I got involved humans being hunted/food. Otherwise, it was pretty usual, PETA-esque merchandise.

Cobra Corn? Not sold at the Fest except as samples by one person. In short, it's popcorn coated in Indian spices. Not my thing, but if that sounds appetizing to you, Asian grocers might carry it. I had to take a picture of it regardless.

Clif Bar people almost always make it to GreenFest. For those of you who have not heard of Clif, they're amazing little health bars that are lifesavers for hikers and supercommuters alike. I personally like them quite a lot. Unfortunately, all the "Kit's Organic" stuff had almonds in it. Bummer.

Kefir! It's like drinkable yogurt, and is now available as frozen yogurt. Definitely good stuff. If you're into Greek yogurt, you will probably like frozen kefir, too.

The ad campaign against GMO's with the mouse was adorable. Plus, there really is nasty stuff in most things at your local supermarket. It works.

Ford had a HUGE presence. They're major sponsors, it seems, and have some of the most...reusable cars on the planet? Wow, this seems like a cheap attempt to compete with hybrids. OUR CARS USE CORN!

There was more where that came from, but the pictures either sucked or I didn't really take snaps. There were a lot of home improvement things that I did not bother with.  It might, however, be worth covering what makes something LEED-certified in a future entry.

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