Sunday, April 14, 2013

ReptileFest2013 Coverage.

Argus monitors...and how big they get.

It's a tigertic! For those of you who do not speak snake breeder, that means this fully-mature retic has a tiger gene. IT HAS TIGER BLOOD!

Me with a boa. :) And yes, I can wear a winter coat in 70-ish weather. It was cold enough outside.

Albino corns, but no porn.

A fairly standard garter snake. These are actually really cool little colubrids that deserve an entry or two if I haven't done so already.

Interesting ad.

Leucistic Texas Rat Snake. There were like...three. Maybe more.

Snakeskin jewelry!

A photo of a pink katydid, taken right here in IL.

Snake eggs!

Surprise retic. These usually aren't out for touching at the 'fest.
A few other things that were there, but escaped my pic run:

~A snappy dwarf caiman. I have the pic of him somewhere, but something happened that made him (I think?) turn around and snap at his handler. I heard it was a bathroom break. Still could have ended nasty.

~Red-tailed ratsnakes. I did get a few shots of these, but they weren't very good. For the record, those are not beginner snakes at all, and are usually wild-caught. Hundred-Flower ratsnakes have similar issues, being very hard to take care of. Still cool reptiles, but not good pics.

~A giant tortoise that I should have gotten the species name of. My bad that I didn't. It really was an impressive animal, carrying kids on its back and all.

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