Monday, August 22, 2011

Theme Week: Myth Week!

This blog started with the idea that truth could be stranger than fiction. Long story short, I saw all of the escapism rampant in the modern psyche. It made me sad. Humans were taking their own amazing world for granted. While video games and such can be cool (Kuro's a Pokemaniac, remember?), just how badly do you want the world of Avatar, WoW, or Dungeons and Dragons to be real, exactly?

A recurring theme in my works - this blog included - is a sort of "Monkey's Paw" regarding such escapist wishes. Are you sure you really want what you wish for? What price will you pay for such a thing? There will always be a price; are you willing to pay it?

To pick on one of my favorites, suppose dragons did exist at one point. Dragons would have been eradicated by people with glorified knives; what chance would they have against sniper rifles and missiles? We have evolved to kill all threats until they're dead, dead, dead. Unfortunately, our minds have not caught up with this newfangled notion of being completely without predators, so we make some. That's why we enjoy monsters and horror flicks so much.

Would it really be that cool if dragons existed? How would a risen corpse like a zombie or vampire evolve? Are there real werewolves out there somewhere? All these and more will be answered this week. Even "They Actually Eat That" will feature a mythological creature you'd never expect. Hang on tight; this blog is finally living up to the fantasy in its URL!

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