Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"They Actually Eat That:" Scorpions.

After watching one too many videos detailing what goes on in factory farms, we're all about other, locally-farmed sources of protein. Rabbit and horse have both escaped being factory-farmed, for example. So has dog, but that's going out of fashion. Most people do not dare venture into land invertebrate territory, despite crickets being perfectly good whole food. For the extra-daring nature lover/factory farm hater, there is a special diet option: SCORPIONS!

Source: The Herald.

The truth is, many other places have been eating scorpions for quite a long time. China is the number one nation known for eating scorpions, for example. Besides claiming the world record for eating things that would never go over well in America (scorpions are really just another drop in the bucket), the Chinese see eating scorpions as a testament to one's courage and manliness. Plus, mongooses eat them, and who wouldn't want to be compared to a mongoose?

Recently, scorpions have actually caught on in America as well. Not only have they appeared in things like Hotlix and Chinatowns, but there are whole festivals for arthropod cuisine in Richmond, Virginia. Time magazine latched onto one creative soul turning frozen scorpions into Italian cuisine.

Source: Time Magazine.

Scorpions: Naturally-grown, kick ass, mongoose approved. They're EXTREEEEME!

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