Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"They Actually Eat That:" Rabbit.

I finally got a page! YAAAYYY!

Is there anything cuter than a fluffy bunny? Really, just look at it. Who cares if he's vermin in Australia? He probably eats carrots, squeaks, and D'AWWWWWWWWWW!

By the way, he's food. We do not mean chocolate bunnies or marshmallow peeps. Those would not be nearly mortifying enough for this blog. 

They Actually Eat That?! 

Ooohhh yeah. Pretty much everywhere, too. The only reason we in the U.S. do not see rabbit meat at the supermarket is because it is, well, not easy to censor. Fat women wearing monocles may well faint on the spot if they see a rabbit on the shelves.

WELL, I NEVER! *Faints.*

Who's surprised? Humans eat what's around them, and rabbits are probably one of the oldest game animals around. Of course they would be on the menu. If a place has rabbits, it has eaten rabbits at some point in its cultural history. It doesn't matter how cute something is when you're starving.

Plus, in the United States, our food is censored to an insane degree. Go ahead; ask the deli down the street if they have actually slaughtered any of their meat themselves. In other countries, most would at least admit that they have seen a pig's leg with the hoof still attached, but when I went looking for cow hooves, they were only findable as dog toys. That's how far away our food is from us. We don't even know how cute it was before it was on the grocery shelf - all we see is a miscellaneous slab of meat.

On the plus side, in the United States, all meat rabbits are either wild or home-farmed. They have what some are calling the most nutritious meat around, although I take pages like this with a grain of salt. There are no growth hormones added to rabbit meat, nothing required to knock them up faster (they do a very good job already) and, if a bunny escapes, a hawk or fox will probably eat it. Rabbits, like rodents, are whole food in nature. No offense meant to those of you who own and/or love bunnies.

Also, there's always the chance that if you do not eat the rabbit, it will eat you:

You totally saw this coming.

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