Monday, February 28, 2011

BodMod Week.

Oh, how funny it is that the start of what should have been February's Theme Week is on the same day as Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video. Alas, this particular theme deals with people who were, for whatever reason, not happy with being born the way they were, and go to extreme measures to change their physical appearances.

Why? Because there are some things that the human body just cannot do without excessive surgery, inks, or implants. We, as mammals, are severely inhibited in what pigments our bodies can produce; humans, despite all of our diversity, cannot grow claws, true fur, or any neat stripes. We have the thumbs and brain power to at least simulate some of the weirdest, most majestic things found in nature on our own bodies. It just takes guts and willpower to make them manifest!


This week covers seven of the weirdest things that normal people can do to their bodies. These are not sacred rites in which a boy scars himself in order to become a man; they are modifications done by people independently and of their own free will. If it's a rite of passage handed down from father to son, that's one thing; if someone just wants to look like Satan, that's another.


Let the completely intentional freak show commence! (Before you ask, no, I am not doing genital piercings.) 

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