Monday, May 7, 2012

Bio-Art: B3T

Of all the booths at Greenfest, one of them got my attention for being so original, creative, and fun that I just had to devote a post to it. Yes, Books, Bottles, and Bulbs Terrariums was awesome enough that, as soon as I saw what they were selling, I knew I had to have one and take it home:

Yes, those are terraria made from everything under the sun. As the title says, books, bottles, and bulbs can all be made into perfectly fine plant containers when pots aren't handy .Or, hey, even if pots are handy, sometimes it's just nice to put a plant in a rare liquor bottle.

Putting terraria in things besides glass tanks is nothing new. My first terrarium was a soda bottle, for example. The Morgan recently had us make jar terraria in honor of Earth Day (in April). All you have to do is get a little creative if you want your own indoor garden. Look for old jars or...anything else that can hold water and dirt, really.

 B3T's works take that same idea and apply a whole new level of creativity. There are liquor bottles, lightbulbs (warning: these can spill) and other miscellany that can be made into perfectly fine containers for house and water plants. Basically, whatever the artist can find can become a terrarium if it can hold water and a few aquarium rocks. Then it's up to her (in this case) to make it look aesthetically-pleasing.

And mine? Mine's just a small bottle with a little bit of Japanese moss in it. Not very complex or spectacular, but still pretty in the same way a 'sand candle' is. The water needs to be changed every few weeks to keep things healthy. Yay for instructions!

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