Saturday, March 23, 2013

Animal Kingdom Photos: Part 2!

Shot of a browsing giraffe.
Random fish. No code card or anything.

This is a crocodile skull.
This is a hippo skull. Hippos are f***ing terrifying.

Kenyan sand boa in shed.

Everybody loves meerkats. Simples!

Giraffe and okapi skulls, side by side. The giraffe is larger.

A Uromastyx of some sort. SCOURGETAIL!

African green pigeon, I think?

Hope the bald eagle. Inspiring story about DDT, too.

This cockatoo had some funny tricks. :)
Crowned Crane with the wings stretched. His name was Frasier.
Fruit bat fingers!

Only a panel of plexiglass between me and this tiger.
Nice Indian ruins, too.
Then my camera ran out of batteries. There were also a ton of things I did not get to see. Still, Animal Kingdom is a really nice zoo; if you can scrape up the money, it's certainly worth a visit.

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  1. The size of the giraffe's skull is amazing. Didn't realize when I was looking up... Have you visited many zoos? Do you have a favorite?