Friday, March 22, 2013

Animal KIngdom Photos!

Sorry for the long wait on this one. I had sleeping issues on Thursday going into Friday, and then my camera software became a bitch for no apparent reason. I was going to do this on Friday; apologies.

All of the images below were taken at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. The place is a massive zoo. Tickets cost somewhere around 90-100 USD.  You get some really up close and personal shots of all sorts of amazing animals. Being a blogger of this sort of thing and chancing to be in Orlando, this was a must.

(All of these photos belong to me, but please use them if you like. :))

The back end of a giraffe, taken on the Safari ride.

Crowned crane. These deserve an entry if I haven't already done one.

African elephants.
More elephants.

Lions are actually lazy creatures. Lazy, brutal, beautiful creatures.

Flamingos. In Florida. Shocker.

Saddlebill stork

A rather showy and loud pair of scarlet macaws.

Sleepy gorilla.

Gnu/wildebeest/catoblepas. Don't look them in the eyes...

 ...then my camera ran out of memory. There were a lot more pics, but these are the best of the lot on that memory card. SEQUEL POST COMING UP!

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