Wednesday, March 6, 2013

They Actually Eat That: How Hot Dogs and Orange Juice Are Made.

This week is another "different" entry. I am not covering yet another random, gross food from China. Rather, this "They Actually Eat That" will make you look at regular food differently. Let's start with a popular gross-out favorite: hot dogs.

For those of you who cannot see the above video, here's a little summary: a hot dog is comprised of miscellaneous meat trimmings, corn syrup, salt, and water. They are then mixed into a sort of slime, wrapped, heated, and shipped. Hot dogs are junk food precisely because they utilize the inedible trimmings; yeah, it's still meat, but it's specifically the meat we cut off. That's how nasty hot dogs really are.

Now to tackle something that has never been touched by this blog: orange juice!

OK, so it's not as terrifying as hot dogs. The orange juice still comes from oranges, after all. Orange juice sommeliers are still a funny concept, and probably one of the more pleasant jobs out there. At least we aren't discussing the other miscellaneous "orange drinks" out there that have nothing close to a real orange in them. Go look up artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup if you want to know more about that; that's pretty disturbing, too.

Of course, frozen pizzas are a favorite of mine. I had to see how they were made. :)

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