Monday, March 18, 2013

Bio-Art: Universal Studios?!

Yeah, OK, this is cheap of me. I'm on vacation in Florida right now and just got out of Universal Studios Orlando. Jurassic Park has been covered at least once on this blog. It's fitting enough that the ride should get some coverage.

This is one of the best rides ever for dino fans. Period. The animatronics are so well-done that you can't hear or see the gears turning. The textures are darn awesome. Underwater hadrosaurs are beyond awesome. My only regret is that there were not more nicely-done dinosaurs in the area. Apparently there's a "pet" Triceratops roaming the area, but you have to let that dino come to you.

C'mon. This ride is better than the live gator show that is apparently just down the street and you know it. Free advertising for an awesome theme park, too. If only they actually had more dinosaurs. 

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