Monday, March 25, 2013

Bio-Art: Bonnie Wood/Amore de Mori.

The internet is like a rabbit hole. You start looking for one thing, then find a million other things related to that thing. Sometimes, utterly random, insane things find their way onto our browser just by random clicking. Other times, you hit a veritable treasure trove of awesome. This is one of those troves:

Image belongs to the artist. Using for advertising. Free advertisement is always good.

"Random clicking" was how I came upon the web page of taxidermy artist Bonnie Wood. Her page, Amore de Mori, showcases several interesting pieces based on taxidermy. Her Tumblr shows more from other artists. Occasionally, she even puts some of her pieces up as contest prizes, letting aspiring bio-artists win them. Neat.

Here's how you know the graphic designer did an awesome job: The first thing we are hit with is the artist's self-portrait, which resembles images of Mary and Jesus. Except- wait a minute - is that a dead lamb she's cradling? The choice of pic was simply splendid, and captures what this artist is all about nicely. 

Better still, if you're trying to make your own bio-art, please follow this woman on Facebook, Tumblr, or whatever else have you. She posts tips on purchasing your organic art supplies legitimately. How often do you hear about someone knowing or caring about the difference between bones from mink raised on cheap farms and those on humane farms? Almost never. Her blog also has some things in common with mine, showcasing some weird and wonderful things that can be found in your own backyard.

Still not cool enough? Wood had her blog graphics designed by Amelia Arsenic, a member of the dark-techno band Angelspit. Regardless of what you think of her music (which I can totally understand), it's pretty awesome to have a celebrity edit your webpage. Amazing how looking up one band can lead to such a neat find.

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