Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"They Actually Eat That:" Kangaroo.

 Kangaroos are the most well-known animal in Australia. They hop, they have pouches, and they kickbox. Roos are look like deer-rabbit hybrids that bounce on their hind legs to Westerners; they are generally thought of as happy creatures from the Land Down Under. What's not to love? As The Simpsons put it, "I dare you to look at a kangaroo and not laugh."

They're usually funny.

Oh, and they're also eaten on a regular basis by people in Australia.

They Actually Eat That?!

Behold, the Australian coat of arms. Australia is the only nation that eats an animal present on their national emblem. This practice goes all the way back to the Aborigines; it's not like the Europeans went "hey, let's eat those things." It's more like the Aborigines already knew what little fauna in Australia was not poisonous.

Even this thing can SEVERELY INJURE YOU, white people.

Again, the real question becomes why not eat kangaroos? They are Australia's equivalent of deer. Except for the hopping, kangaroos and deer share a lot of the same machinery - herbivorous teeth, large ears, and so forth. Do you have any objections to eating deer?

Dooo yooouuu?

Furthermore, kangaroo meat is actually quite good for you, especially if it is not farmed. Kangaroo meat is low in fat and very high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), one of the best anticarcinogens around. It is also very tender and can be used in many of the same dishes as beef. Good eats, even if some wildlife funds do not like the idea.

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