Thursday, March 3, 2011

BodMod Week: 3-D Tattoos.

Has anyone else gotten really, really annoyed with the 3-D craze that has been hitting theaters and TV screens since Avatar? Avatar was not a good movie in terms of the story; it was had a visual gimmick. How To Train Your Dragon blew that gimmick out of the water and was a better movie overall. If your movie needs 3-D to be good, it is not a good movie.

Similarly, if your tattoo needs 3-D just to be a good tattoo, it is probably a bad idea. You are also probably stoned. No offense, but whatever you plan on putting in 3-D had better be one of the most badass things on this planet.

If you thought that bagelheads were bad, 3-D tattoos are taking silicon/saline implants to the next level. They use subdermal implants of silicon and saline to give tattoos a texture. This requires surgery, injections, or both; not every tattoo artist will perform them simply because they are not licensed to do so.

Bagelheads and other types of body inflation have one silver lining over implant tattoos: Bagels go away. These things are going to stick around for life. Some of them, like the spider, look pretty cool and are rational tattoo ideas (even if the 3-D is pushing it a little). Others, well...

This is a good  

 Some people say that tattoos are a bad idea by themselves. Getting a surgical procedure to enhance them is hardcore, yes, but one has to be careful with permanent body modifications. 3-D tattoos have to be based on something seriously worth 3-Ding. Otherwise, one could end up like this fellow forever:

Gotta...Catch 'em...All? O.o;

...seriously, that just looks painful. Ballsy move, but not worth permanent mental and physical scars. Inflation would have been a better choice, man.

Tomorrow: Do you like corsets? Forget the rack-pushing; some people just love that zig-zagged ribbon enough to want it in their skin.

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