Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BodMod Week: Bagelheads.

We can understand some silicon-saline implants. Rack jobs, for instance, look all right. Getting the same thing done to one's nutsack is slightly less attractive, but no less logical if one is trying to outdo a tanuki in endowments. (For your own safety, do not Google Image that.) The majority of saline treatments have no such method to their madness.

Do you remember that that one guy in high school who would do anything, and we mean ANYTHING, just to be different? We swear that this way of thinking is the only justification for "bagelheads." (No, they are not called that in Japan.)


Bagelheads are exactly what they sound like: People with one or two saline solution bagels rising up out of their foreheads.This is done by a professional piercer with a saline drip that causes the desired area to swell up immensely like an intentional tumor. The lump can then be molded into any shape.

In general, this mod is called body inflation; "bagelhead" is used only to describe the strange cluster of individuals that have picked a bagel instead of some other shape. Presumably, the bagel was chosen because there are a lot of commuters in Japan and the lumps are fun to dye like real bagels. By the way, rumor has it that some people do not stop at the head and get bagels in their arms, breasts, and asses.

Why? It's a fad. Like all fads, it is silly and most of its followers are doing it just to feel cool. There are, as far as pics can tell, not that many people doing it (a search yields only 2-4 different bagelheaded individuals). Besides, how many people do you see in Tokyo with bagels on their heads? Surely that is a sign telling Godzilla to eat them first. 

Mmm, donuts!

The good news is that bagelheads are temporary. They only last for a night before one's immune system takes care of them. Side-effects include stretched skin (no, really?), headaches (again), infection, eyes swollen shut, and the same sordid feeling that one gets after reading bad hentai. Imagine if bagelheads were permanent; people would regret getting their baker's dozen if they were stuck with flesh-bagels.

Tomorrow: Tattoos and silicone injections - two things that people often wind up regretting. Especially in combination.

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