Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bio-Art: A Tribute to BOGLEECH.

A few years ago, I was inspired to make a blog dedicated to all the cool things in the natural world. By no means, however, was I the first to make a site showcasing the strange.  My thanks for this whole project goes to one site in particular: The Insidious Bogleech.

Click here to enter the site!

Bogleech.com is a site devoted to anything and everything monstrous.  It is run by one Jonathan Wojcik, who should totally have a degree in zoology if he does not yet already have one. The site has been making the internet lose its lunch for over ten years. I've got some catching up to do.

Bogleech is a fan of the bizarre. His site is chock-full of neat creatures that you probably never knew existed. He adores abyssal sealife, flies, parasites, leeches, and other things that would make "normal" people run screaming.  If it's creepy, crawly, or just plain weird, it's probably on his site.

By no means is Bogleech limited to the natural world. His love for weird extends into popular culture. He has done several articles on Pokemon, including some pretty good ideas for new ones (****YES CASSOWARY POKEMON!). I'm tempted to say, "screw Bulbapedia, I have Bogleech," but there are some things he misses out on (that even Bulbapedia wouldn't know). He covered absolutely all bases concerning Trubbish/Garbodor, though. 

Bogleech also does his own art. Of particular note are the Mortasheen, his own squicky versions of Pokemon, and his flash movie series The Fear Hole. I'm particularly fond of an episode starring his own cute-thulhu. Many of his designs are available as shirts in his shop; the tapeworm shirt, it taunts me.

This blog would not even be here if not for Bogleech. All hail the Bogleech. We all bow down. Buy his stuff here.