Saturday, October 6, 2012

Video: The End of Morality?

A lot of people will probably not like this video. Hear the guy out; he knows that wolves and even creatures as simple as bacteria have an organized social system and thus a sense of morality. I'm surprised he didn't bring up whales and dolphins.

Dolphins are a particularly interesting example of "morality." On one hand, they have a complex social structure and can show an amazing amount of compassion for and comprehension of other species; on the other, dolphins rape, murder, and kill porpoises for fun. They show both the black and white of the morality Oreo. Take note of how there is usually more black than white in said Oreos.

Chimpanzees are also not sparkly-clean examples of morality.  As I said in a previous entry, they wage war, kidnap, and eat young chimps. Chimps are brutal animals by human standards. If the argument for Darwinistic morality is all based on altruism, someone hasn't done their research on chimps.

This eventually dips into the issue of animal rights. The Amazing Atheist doesn't go that far, but it's an issue whether animals can actually have morals or not. I'm with him in thinking that humans ONLY have morals is pure egotism. You?

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  1. I would have sworn we had the revolution back in the sixties. Oh well, it could probably use a booster shot.

    A society needs rules and form to function. Even bacteria. If you have trouble with the word "morality" by all means call it something else. These rules are to some extent subject to fashion. Gay bashing is out of fashion. Gay acceptance is in. Of course there's always anarchy, but take it somewhere else please.