Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creature Feature: Last Lizard - Jesus Christ.

Yes, you read that title right. There is nothing in the Bible that says Jesus Christ was not a lizard. Lizards can regenerate faster than people can, walk on walls, give virgin birth, and have awesome color-changing skin. That list alone grants lizards divine being potential.

David Icke would have a field day.

They can also walk on water.

There are a number of species in the genus Basiliscus, a group called "Jesus Christ lizards" because of their ability to run on water. To be perfectly fair, they are also called "Mystic Lizards" and "Devil's Lizards," but those did not go over as well.

Although the generic name denotes a highly toxic 'king of reptiles' that can turn people to stone with its gaze and poisons flowers with its breath, the real lizards are harmless (unless you are an insect). They are fairly big at a meter from head to tail, and range from Mexico down to Panama.

(This is actually my favorite lizard of all! I love its colors, its eyes, its ability to walk on water...AND its spinal ridge!

The basilisk walks on water using slight webs on its feet to create air pockets. Its long tail helps it balance on its hind legs as it makes a mad dash across the surface of the water. A basilisk can walk on water for up to 14.8 feet before needing to swim.

Water-walking aside, basilisks look like little dinosaurs (especially the plumed basilisk, B. plumifrons)! What a way to end Lizard Week; there will be a really weird mammal tomorrow. Praise Raptor Jesus!

Eh, close enough. :D Someone needs to make a Jesus Lizard joke like this...

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