Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creature Feature: Freak Week - Puli.

Does anyone else remember Crimp n' Curl Cabbage Patch Kids dolls/ponies? They had this weird, ropey hair that would hold its shape for a little bit, but would ultimately be re-shapable over and over and over again.

Coming soon to a toy store near you for your daughters to torment. This one did not escape with its dignity.

The Hungarian Puli (Canis lupus familiaris) looks a lot like one of those dolls with a Rastafarian angle. Or a reggae-loving mop with legs. Or...well, comments on a Sun Times post about a Puli dog speak for themselves:

"I think it's really cute :-) "

"BLESS..he even looks dirty like my floormop!!"

"Thats cruel...how unhappy does that dog look!!!
y would you want to make your dog look like that!"

Ordinarily, the Puli's pelt would keep it nearly completely waterproof. The pelt requires a lot of grooming, so if you are looking for an low-maintenance dog, stay away. They are also not recommended for city-dwellers. The breed started as country dogs, so they require a lot of space and activity.

Pulik (the proper plural) make good watchdogs, herders, and athletes beneath their moppy coats. They are surprisingly agile; as shown in the picture above, the dreadlocks fluff around the dog when it runs.

I wonder if they also clean floors while walking?

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