Friday, July 16, 2010

Creature Feature: Lizard Week - Glass Lizards.

Wait, that looks like a snake up there. This is Lizard Week. Kuro's gone off the deep end again, hasn't she?

Actually, that is a lizard. It has ears, eyelids, and can regrow its tail if it breaks off (hence the name). In honor of its similarity to snakes, the genus containing glass lizards is called Ophisaurus - literally, "snake-lizard."

Seriously, that looks almost EXACTLY like my pet rosy boa, Eclair.

Unlike snakes, which rarely if ever eat insects (smaller snake species do, but the baby corns at Petco certainly do not!), nearly all Ophisauri are insectivores. Although the bulk of species are found in Indo-China, there are a few in Europe, at least one in North Africa, and some along America's Atlantic coast. They are not particularly exotic, but interesting creatures nonetheless.

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